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02 May 2013

Well hello! It's been 90 long days and longer nights followed by 10 hours of exam writing. I'm worn out, hopeful, rejuvenated and super excited about summer (for the first time ever). AND I'm back to blogging.

When I decided to take a break, I wasn't sure I would actually resume blogging. Life with 2 toddlers is busy. Throw in working 40+ hours a week and doing home stuff and I just wasn't sure there was room in my life for blogging. There isn't! All the more reason why I shouldn't stop blogging. I need this outlet. 

So I'm back here, my little haven on the internets, ready to gist about the mundane things that keep me happy and sane
  • like how I finally figured out the different children's brands of clothes
  • and also figured out how to dress my skinny toddlers
  • and built my list of 5-minute meals
  • and figured out how to shop smarter in Calgary
  • and bought the girls their first tricycles
  • and got more intentional about life and parenting
What I won't be sharing with you? Crafts! The exhibit below - our attempt at making and decorating a reindeer hat - is proof that I have a lot of callings, crafting's not one of them.

So peeps, how have you all been doing? It feels so good to be back

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