State of our Union - Potty Training Edition

03 May 2013

Potty Training Twins - Month 5

I started potty training the twins this January when they were 26 months old. Today, they're 29 months old and I'm happy with where we stand; which is

The girls are now fully potty trained both at home and in the daycare. The use of diapers is restricted to naptimes only. Accidents are very few and far between. I'm currently trying to get them to fully ditch the pottys and use the toilet with a soft seat installed on top. BEST BUY TIP: The soft seats that have handles are great as they give the girls something to hold on to when they feel like they're going to fall in the bowl. I've seen them sold under the First Years and Ginsey brands in both US and Canadian Walmart, Superstore and Amazon.

There are nights when Spice wakes up with a dry diaper so I know she's ready but mama is not. Neither is Sugar. I'm currently stocking up on disposable bed mats but I don't think I'm ready to night-train them before they are in toddler beds and that won't be till end of the year if I have my way

On the road:
Going to and from school, the girls were big girl undies and there's been no accidents. On Sundays  I put them in pull-ups for church. I have a potty in my trunk that I've never had to use yet. It's more for eventual long road trips where I envision pulling to the side of the road for a quick potty

On vacation:
For hotel use, I packed the Folding Travel Potty Seat I got with my Huggies rewards points. It's a pretty decent solution. Tip: If you feel a bit queasy about this being in contact with the rest of the stuff in the suitcase, keep it in a ziploc bag. 

In public places:
Our first use of a public restroom was unplanned. On a whim, Dad and I decided to go hangout in the mall with the kids after work. They rode on the  carousel, ate a hearty meal, drank some milk and then uttered the 3 words that made my germophobe-heart sink to my diaper area: "peepee potty mama!". Luckily, the mall had a family room but still I found the whole experience severely traumatic. I have since stocked up on disposable toilet seat covers which I keep in my handbag and in the car for any future excursions to a public restroom.

Potty Training Mama
You know how the experts say having your kids watch you use the restroom is one of the ways to get them comfortable with potty training? Well I've been doing that and nowadays, when I'm done, the girls tell me "Good job Mommy! Now flush! High Five!". A sweet reward for loss of privacy and dignity won't you say?!

Have a great weekend peeps. It's going to be 20degC in Calgary! Can I get a WOOT!

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