Flying with Infant Twins

02 December 2011

This will be the last of my out and about with infant twins series. To date, I have had 3 flights - 5 planes, 2 stopovers - with the twins. First flight was in July when they were 8 months old and second flight was when they were 11 months old. Here's what worked for us and what didn't.

Things that went right
  1. Travelling close to bedtime. Once the plane lights were dimmed, the babies settled down and slept off
  2. Changing diapers in the airport just before the plane boards
  3. Mylanta antacid in diaper bag. Spice has always had mild reflux but her pediatrician did not want to add cereal to her bottle because as at that time she was 75th percentile on the weight chart. Well mid-flight, she got airsick and started gagging badly. The Mylanta helped calm her stomach
  4. Lots of tissues and wet wipes in diaper bag
  5. Generous change of clothes, hooded jacket for babies, large mummy scarf that could double as a baby blanket. Layering clothes for all travellers is key
  6. Travelling with a second adult.
  7. Booking a seat for baby when affordable
  8. Pacifiers, backup pacifiers and backup to the backup pacifiers in diaper bag and handbag
  9. Soft, non-squeaky toys. Nothing like splitting a fellow passenger's lip with a flying Mr Weeble.
  10. Ready to feed formula in 8oz bottles, pediasure in 8oz bottles, ziploc of nipples and nipple rings that fit on the bottles.

Things that went wrong aka I'd like to forget these ever happened
  1. Peak daytime travelling. Babies are bored and want to move around and play. Fellow passengers may not be so understanding - not to mention the ear curdling screams that some babies *cough*mine*cough* can deliver
  2. Trying to change diaper on a plane. Some plane bathrooms do not have changing tables so it's really luck of the draw. Plus if they do have, changing a squirmy baby in that tiny space with little hands touching EVERYTHING!! Enough to make a germophobe mama use up bundles of wet wipes (see number 4 in What went right)
  3. Eating new foods 24 hours before travel time, can lead to several occasions of number 2 above
  4. Trying new diaper for trip - it just may leak
  5. Not having enough change of clothes for trip aka landing Canada in onesie and blanket
  6. Having more than one carryon i.e diaper bag, handbag AND laptop bag
  7. Not booking flight early enough to choose seats
  8. Carry-on that won't fit into stroller basket. Visualize pushing a stroller and pulling a suitcase
  9. Not travelling with double stroller. Once again, visualize pushing one stroller ahead and pulling one behind. Or trying to push both. Or something equally awkward enough to earn you the attention of the terminal
  10. Pouch of mango and pear baby food just before flight. 'Nuff said. This escalates numbers 2,3,4 and 5 

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