Sugar & Spice Chronicles: Of bellows and whimpers

Verb: (of a person or animal) Emit a deep loud roar, typically in pain or anger "
There's a little girl that lives in my house. When she was born, her daddy took one look at her and called her "The Government". On this website, she goes by the moniker Spice. She's sometimes cinnamon and sometimes cayenne pepper and yes, she bellows. She did not get the memo that said "You're not the sheriff in this here apartment baby!". In our feeble parent minds we think "she shouldn't have her way all the time. Maybe we should let her cry it out a little" Then she bellows. And we scurry like mice to do her bidding. Not so much because she scares us but because her bellow is powerful. Think Aretha Franklin in a 16 lb angry package.

Verb: (of a person or animal) Make a series of low, feeble sounds expressive of fear, pain, or discontent.
That's what eight puppies in a cardboard box do when they're trying to get you to take them home. That's also what the little girl currently ruling this roost with an iron fist does. She whimpers pitifully. Day and night. If she wants the bigger people in the room to do her will, she whimpers. It is the whimper that moves mountain. It even gets her daycare room teachers to play the role of pacifier holder until her highness sucks herself to sleep. Sugar dear Sugar! One whimper at a time, you have successfully wrapped everyone around your teeny little finger
Two girls, so much in common and yet so different but in the end, they both get what they want.

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