Best Strollers For Twins

15 December 2011

One of the first challenges that twin parents-to-be face is choosing the best stroller for their twins. There are two ways that infant twins can ride in a stroller - with or without their infant car seats. 

When choosing a stroller to be used with the infant car seat, you need a stroller that can accommodate the two infant seats. This can either be a frame stroller like the BabyTrend Snap n Go or a full stroller like those highlighted in the table below. When choosing a stroller that will be used without the infant seat, you need one with fully reclining seats as babies cannot support their own heads for the first few months.

Frame stroller for Twins in car seats : These strollers are lighter weight but cannot be used once babies are out of bucket/infant car seats. The most popular one is the Baby Trend Snap and Go. This stroller is compatible with Britax, Chicco and Graco seats as well as Peg Perego, Baby Trend and Evenflo infant car seats.  

Full strollers for Twins in car seats: These stroller are heavier than frame strollers but can be used to toddler-hood (up to 4 years) depending on weight limit.    

Full Reclining strollers for Twins: The full recline means these strollers can be used with infants as the babies will stay in a laying down position. They are heavier than frame strollers and usually more expensive than the full strollers listed above but can be used to toddler-hood (up to 4 years) depending on weight limit.  

Check out the stroller reviews on Amazon for more information about the individual strollers 

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