Favorite Toys for Twins at Nine Months

06 September 2011

Well, actually it's our favorite toys at nine and a half months. Not in any particular order, the top ten faves are

  1. Links - The oldie but goodie
  2. Skwish - so named because it makes a skwish sound I'm guessing. This is my toy of choice for when we're going out and I don't want a battery-powered noisemaker
  3. Spin Ball - This is a daycare toy that's on my to-buy list. Whenever I drop them in the mornings, Sugar makes a beeline for this
  4. Fish - This is Spice's favorite daycare toy. She just sits there and chomps away with her two gorgeous teeth
  5. Mini Orchestra - Another daycare toy that they liked so much, I purchased for home use
  6. Le Tambor - Our bilingual drum. More often than not, it's speaking spanish :). I've actually learnt 1,2,3 in spanish from this drum.
  7. Shaped blocks - They haven't figured out the whole fits-square-block-in-square-hole thing but they love chewing on these and banging them together
  8. Musical Table- I saw this in a picture Megan had on her blog and *lightbulb* I got it. Currently using it without the legs installed
  9. Sunglasses, spectacles, scarves, hats, necklaces, earrings.... anything worn on the upper body of the human carrying them
  10. Hair of the nearest human - another oldie but goodie, never goes out of favor toy.
  11. Mini Orchestra
    Spin ball
    Musical drum aka le tambor
I confess that I alternate between thinking we don't have enough toys for proper mental stimulation and thinking we have too much. Not sure what gives.

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