Choosing Toys with Help From Kaplan Early Learning

07 September 2011

I know it's not obvious from the list of toys that we have, but I actually prefer to buy toys that are not battery-operated. I also do not like toys with a strong plasticky, cheap feel. Since our daycare is a Montessori-based center, they seem to have a similar policy and I like most of the toys they have and so do the girls

Whenever I go to Babies R Us or Toys R Us to shop for toys, I leave the store fuming and having an internal rant with myself. I find there's a scarcity of infant toys on their shelves (Target and Walmart are also guilty of this) and the few toys there are either el cheapo plastic or lights-sounds-and-batteries galore. I do sometime buy them, but I find that the toys that most fit my criteria are easier to find online. 

The one online store that has stood out for me in the educational, non-flashy toy department is Kaplan Early Learning. I find that most of the daycare toys that I want to buy are available in their baby catalog. The catalog can be sorted by age and goes from birth to over 8 years old. 

Of course, since I'm a die-hard Amazon fan, I shop their Amazon Storefront for any toys I like from their catalog.  (That's just because I prefer to limit my online transactions to a few chosen websites.)

Isaac Newton (my nemesis in high school physics) once said "If I have seen a little further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants". I don't know much about early development in childhood but I do know that shopping the catalog  of Kaplan Early Learning helps me in my bid to be a better mother. It works for me and I'm linking this post up with Works for Me Wednesday
I was not recruited or paid by Kaplan to write this. I just really like them. However, my amazon link is an affiliate link

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