A Primer on Carters Sleepers

20 September 2011

For the last 9 months, the girls have spent their nights in all shades of Carters sleepers and in the process, I've learnt a thing or two.

The sleepers come in 3 materials viz

Knit cotton sleepers - Made from 100% cotton and easily the lightest and most breathable of all the Carters sleepers. Colors fade easily. Shrinks the most. More often than not, it's my primary indication of when to move the not-so-baby-anymore babies to the next dress size. Available in flame-retarding

Microfleece sleepers - These are 100% polyester and also the softest and warmest of the 3 materials. They retain their color quite well and are great holiday clothing (We're already wearing our christmas and snowman sleeper thanks to mommy not realizing that the girls will be 13 months in December and not 12 months). The main negative that these sleepers have is that they seem to retain stains and smells. I just had 4 come out of the dryer smelling like a used overnight diaper. Also available in flame-retarding.

Terry Sleepers - Warmer than the knit cotton and also 100% cotton. This is my favorite because it combines the breathability of the knits with the warmth of the microfleece. So far, I've seen no noticeable shrinkage, strange smells or loss of color. For me, this is the best bet

Somewhere in the midst of this post, I stopped to ask myself why? Because for me, Carters sleepers have been the best bet for us when it comes to sleepwear.

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