10 Must-Have Photos

Thing about kids is they bring out the budding photographer in mama (sometimes NOT but most times they do). It is imperative that they have "good" pictures as a record of their baby life. 12 months is over so fast. Here's my list of ten photos every child should have before their first birthday
  1. The butt-naked, bun-fresh-from-the-oven hospital picture
  2. The face smeared with baby food
  3. The mummy-loves-me: cupping baby's head with open palm while said head is tenderly resting on mummy's head or shoulder (drool-free if you please)
  4. The tutu and pearls - may be shirtless
  5. Taking first steps with arms outstretched
  6. The smile that shows off a mouthful of two teeth
  7. Dressed as Santa - Not really necessary but I love a baby in a Santa suit
  8. The bathtub pose
  9. The cute sleeping baby photo
  10. The first birthday - preferably involving smashed cake clutched in tiny grubby hands
I already missed the bus on a few of these, but I look forward to making up for lost opportunities. I've started building a pinterest board with a collection of photos I want to try sometime. We'll see how that works out.

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  1. This is a great list. Note to self: need to get a tutu for the little lady.

  2. What a fun list. I am loving #4! It is a MUST!

  3. I got them all except #4...not sure Bryce would appreciate this one in his teens...LOL!

    Great list!

  4. Great list. I got them all except for #4 and #7. I have a lot of #9 and even now that my kids are a little older (4 and 3 yrs) I still take pictures of them sleeping. Stopping by from VB members to remember.


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