Switching formula

14 December 2010

I've been very cautious in my choice and use of formula to ensure that fussiness due to gas  was kept at a minimum. One of the things I did was to use liquid ready-to-feed formula for the first one month as I really wasn't sure how early the twins would come or what they would weigh and wanted a sterile formula for the initial month.

Fast forward to today and I am two days into switching them from Similac ready to feed to Similac powder. That's not working out so well. The powder is incredibly gassy and makes the girls fussy and uncomfortable. So gassy that I conducted an experiment today.

I mixed 2 ounces each of Similac and 3nfamil in separate bottles, shook real hard and waited for the gas to settle. It was a no-contest. Enfamil won hands down. Now our formula switch will be from the Similac ready to feed liquid to Enfamil powder. I'll be alternating the two during feedings to make the adjustment easier on their tummies.

Lesson learnt: Don't stock up on formula before you know what your babies will need (even if you are a mega planner like me, RESIST!)

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