Newborn Disposable Diaper Review

07 December 2010

3 weeks and 300 newborn size diapers later, I figured I might be qualified to write this post. I bought a range of disposable diapers on sale to build my stash and here's what I think of each brand I used.
  • Pampers swaddlers sensitive: I used these first. I liked the nice green line in the center that tells you when the diaper is wet because for those first few days, baby pee is sometimes too small to see by looking into the diaper. I did find the cut to be a bit awkward for the babies fresh out of the hospital. I had to fold the top of it wouldn't cover their cord
  • Huggies sensitive: I loved the cut of this. It's pricey but I think it was my favorite despite the fact that I couldn't find any color-change pee indicator so I had to change when it looked like we needed it
  • Pampers swaddlers: The softness of this was heavenly but I did have a blowout.
  • Huggies little snugglers: My least favorite. The color-change-for-pee line is not that sharp for me plus this is the diaper that makes me believe all environmentalists that diapers are full of chemicals. Occasionally I take off the diaper and I see some crystals on babies' tush. Definitely chemical-full and not my favorite.

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