Heading home with your newborn - Book Review

15 December 2010

Heading Home with Your Newborn: From Birth to Reality I've read a few doctor-authored books on parenting in the last months of my pregnancy and I must say that sometimes the experience is as pleasurable as pulling teeth.

What I liked: This book turned out to be more of a sweet treat than a teeth pull. It was an absolute pleasure to read. Reading is my oldest hobby and I know a well-written book when I read one. From chapter layout, to font-size, to dynamism of the content, this book was written for any intending parent to read and be informed without strain, guilt or boredom. The authors and editorial team get an A+ from me (I've also been on the editorial board of a student publication for two years so I know the effort required to deliver an easy to read publication).
Let's talk about content. The book has two authors who just happen to be female parents with a medical degree and experience in pediatrics. The background of Dr Jana and Dr Shu must have played a big role in the content because it comes across as a combination of what an experienced parent and a pediatrician will tell you - and due to that, it covers some of the minor details that mothers worry about but sometimes feel foolish bringing up with their pediatrician. Example of this is chapter 18 (my fave) which talks about the baby's health from head to toe. What's the white stuff in my baby's mouth? Answered. My baby is breathing funny, is this normal? Answered. What did I do wrong to startle my baby and make her cry? Answered

What I didn't like: In case it's not obvious from what I've written so far, I loved this book and enjoyed reading it. Only thing I may add is, based on the trust that the authors inspired in me, I wouldn't object to a few honest product recommendations. Also, some hints on handling twins and higher order multiples would be a nice addition.

In summary, this book has my strongest recommendation. Read before baby comes, as there'll be no time after. If you want to go a step further, both doctors have websites, blogs and free newsletters and in me, they've found a new fan.

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