Making "Home" Intentional

15 January 2020

I always like to spend the months of December and January taking stock of several aspects of life, reviewing what worked in the past year and setting my directions for the next year. I don't consciously have a "word" for the year but I do have a theme that reflects the life goals.

If last year's theme was "SIMPLE", then 2020's theme is "HOME". In so many different definitions for the word Home.


a house or other shelter that is the usual residence of a person, family or household
to proceed or direct attention towards an objective
operating or occuring in an area that is a base of operations or headquarters
to a vital sensitive core

This year my focus is on home; making my house a home physically and emotionally, becoming more at home with my body, embracing Calgary, Alberta as home. Those are the big picture words but drilling down to simple actions, this year's goals look somewhat like this:

  • House: Buy a house that will be home for the next 20 years. Make it a home by ensuring it meets the physical comfort of every member of the family. Inject it with love and laughter by taking care of the health of every resident. Let our love overflow to welcoming guests and neighbors who are of like spirit. P.S: 2020 is the year of filter the list of people you allow into your home and life. Keep the shit people out. Honestly!
  • Vacations and family time: Closer to home. More road trips to see different parts of the province. More staycations to appreciate our city. Take part in events around the city
  • Body: This here body is 43 years old. It needs to become a home that I enjoy being in and is strong enough to do all the things I want (and need) to do at this stage of life. I've been slowly easing myself into a plant-based, whole foods diet. I spent more time in the gym last December than the rest of my 43 years combined. Yes, I need to physically become stronger. Do my best to find some relief (diet, supplements, lifestyle change) to the insomnia that has plagued me for the last 4 years. 
There's a bunch of little resolutions that feed into this big vision. My guideline for every decision will be "Does it bring me closer to home?" DASSIT!

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