Outdoor Photo Shoot: Check!

02 July 2013

Having an outdoor family photo session was one of my 2013 summer dreams and I booked one to coincide with the girls' half birthday. I got the pictures yesterday and I think I'm officially on my way to having a girl crush on Rosie of Little Laughs Photography - our photographer extraordinaire. 

Every session's photos are better than the last and she makes me appreciate the importance of capturing memories is a very pretty format. Thanks Rosie, you rock.

This is one of my favorites - check out the twin dynamics captured. 

Sugar: "I wuv you sista"
Spice: "Get your smackers off me girl!"

Outdoor photo shoot: Check!

The list!
  • Visit the Calgary zoo
  • Find ducks to feed in Calgary
  • Visit Spruce Meadows and look at horses
  • Have weekly after-work/school dates with the girls - Ongoing
  • Go to Calgary Stampede grounds
  • Visit a water-park type place (anywhere the girls can wear swimsuits and have a splash)
  • Go to the top of the Calgary Tower
  • Watch a live show with the girls
  • Have family outdoor photo shoot 
  • Have a barbecue on our patio
  • Go on a family roadtrip and vacation 
  • Visit or have a playdate with someone new
  • Attend cycling classes and ride bicycles outside
  • Go for gym or dance class for tots
  • Eat ALL the veggies we get from our CSA (ok I'm totally dreading this one)

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