Flying with the CARES harness

29 July 2013

It seems like only yesterday that I packed myself, toddler twins, a double stroller, a bag filled with everything-but-kitchen-sink and bravely embarked on a 5 hour flight to New Jersey from Calgary. I learnt a lot on that trip. With the memory so fresh, you would think that a rational person with a fully functioning "church mind"* would not do that again. Well... I didn't.

I broke my own records. This time I embarked on a 9 hour flight from Calgary to London. I couldn't pass up on an opportunity for the girls to see their grandma (who last saw them when they were 5 months old) who was visiting London from Nigeria. To be honest, the 2 flights went way better than I expected and one of the things that made a difference compared to the New Jersey trip was that now the girls were big enough to use the CARES harness.

Without further ado, here's my comparison of flying with a car seat versus a CARES harness.

Was the trip worth it? Absolutely. Would I do it again? It all depends on where my church mind* is at.

*church mind: a Nigerian slang meaning common sense resulting in good behaviou. The kind that church-going people are supposed to show. An alternative slang is "good head"

Further Resources
-  Information on the CARES harness can be found on the manufacturer's website. 
-  I purchased the 2 CARES harnesses I used for the trip from Kacz Kids in Calgary. I believe the harness is available from most specialty baby stores and online from (read reviews to get other opinions)
- You can check out some other impressions on the carseat vs CARES harness on the parenting forums here and here

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