An Unexpected Parenting Lesson

18 June 2013

Let me share one thing you don't know about me with you today: I am a BIG fan of Michael Jackson. His music and his person touched the world in a tangible way. You don't have to believe me; but let me assure you that no other western artiste's music is known in even the more remote villages of my country (and a lot of other third-world countries too)

Something happened yesterday. My love for MJ overcame my disdain for tabloid news and I ended  up looking at some trial photos on TMZ. This one stuck a chord with me. Taped on a door in his room, Michael had written this "Discipline with love. No violence ever"

Because in the end, just like me, he was just another parent hoping to get it right. I get! Regardless of what else you think about Michael Jackson, do you get it?!

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