Preparing for Move To Our New Home

09 August 2012

Today marks the start of a 30 day countdown to taking possession of our new home. If I stop to think about it, I end up in a state of feverish anticipation that never produces anything good so instead, I plan. And organize. And dream. And declutter. On my to-do list of things to do before moving?
  1. Do a closet-audit: I got around to starting this last weekend. Clothes that don't fit right, clothes that haven't been worn in over a year, clothes that have been worn a too much are all set aside. They are either donated to Goodwill or the trash depending on their condition. Last weekend, I dropped off the first bag of donated clothes. Right now we have a walk-in closet and the new house only has a wardrobe. I have it when all my clothes do not fit into their assigned spot so I think I have 2 more audits before the move date.
  2. Organize the twins' old clothes: I got an additional set of storage boxes from Costco last week and I'm organizing the girl's old clothes according to seasons. What to do with the old clothes? I'm sorting them into clothes for fall garage sale, clothes for spring garage sale, clothes to junk and clothes to keep.
  3. Get rid of junk fixings and furnishings: We have a few pieces of junk that we should have left in Houston when we moved but didn't. They are fixings and furnishings that are outdated, damaged, incomplete or just unloved. They also get the trash or donate treatment depending on usability. This includes things like the broken table that can never be put together, the unloved lamp that's missing it's shade, shampoos and cosmetics I do not plan on using, pillows that used to be white, DVDs gathering dust etc.
  4. Nix excess baby paraphenelia: Sippy cups? Reduced to bare minimum needed. Baby toys? Store or donate.
  5. Organize household trinkets: Right now, I'm buying little organizing widgets and putting things in the right place for a clean look. You could say I'm practicing for the new home. Learing new habits like how to keep food items in the pantry instead of on top of the fridge and keep my countertop free of gadgets.
My vision for our home is one of peace and there's something about clutter that just nixes peace in the bud. So I'm really hoping that by not moving into the new home with old junk, we're laying a good foundation for peaceful living.

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