GAP Socks - A Year Later

28 August 2012

If there was ever a parade of honor for toddler socks, this will be it.  They are the GAP Cozy Socks and my girls have worn them just about everyday for the last one year. And in my opinion they have held up very, very well. Not a hole in sight. The colors still look good - any discoloration is due more to my laundry practices than the quality of the socks.They are sized for 12-24 months and have become too small for the girls' feet. This post is in honor of their retirement tonight.

The girls started wearing these socks around September last year in Houston and since then, the socks have kept their feet cozy and comfortable - through the wet winter of Newfoundland, to winter, spring and summer in Calgary. They're hard to kick off and come in packs of 2 complimentary colors / designs.  

On the GAP website, a 2-pack is being sold for $6.95 but I bought around 8 packs of these off season at a little under $1 for the 2-pack. If you find yourself searching for socks for a toddler 12-24 months, and these socks are on sale or discounted, my strong recommendation goes to them.

This post was not sponsored by the GAP in any form or fashion and is linked to Works for me Wednesday with Kristen

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