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23 August 2012

This week has been an exhilarating one in my blogging life: I hosted my first set of guest bloggers - 2 moms with twin girls my age who did something I couldn't do - nurse twins for over 12 months. I'm in awe of Megan and Beth and all the moms who push past the challenges of breastfeeding. I ended my breastfeeding journey the day the twins got their 2 month vaccinations and I know how much more stressful those 2 months were due to the challenges of putting a lot of effort into breastfeeding my twins and getting insignificant results.

The guest posts mean a lot to me because it was in October 2010 when I first mentioned looking for a new direction to take my blog. I've spent the last 10 months trying to figure out what that direction will be by eliminating the things I don't like / can't do viz
  • No crafts
  • No recipes
  • I take pictures but photography is not my strong point either
What do I like doing? Researching. Informing. Giving solicited and sometimes unsolicited advice. I started this blog as an informational resource and I intend to continue doing that while focusing on
  • Skills needed for parenting twins
  • Balancing motherhood and working outside the home
  • Tying it all back to everyday Christ-led living 
Since my expertise is limited to my experiences, I intend to reach out to moms and non-moms to share their wisdom on my blog. It makes for a richer experience for me the blogger and for everyone that graciously follows this blog. So Megan and Beth's posts are the first of many.

And here's my hand reaching out to you - if you're interested in guest posting on this blog to share your experience and expertise, drop me an email and let's talk. You don't have to be a blogger or a twin mom. I truly believe that every person has a gift to share and I'm committed to this blog being a sharing platform.

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