When Parents of Twins Have Favorites

26 June 2012

I confess: I am a parent to twins - 2 girls - and I have a favorite child
I admit: It's very hard for me to confess this out loud
Wait! It gets worse.
I think: I've always had a favorite daughter almost from the day the girls were born
I notice: That I let my favorite twin get away with a lot more than her sister
I over-compensate: My non-favorite child with hugs and kisses and extra mommy time
I panic: When I have to give both girls milk and one cup is fuller by a couple of drops
I react: By closing my eyes and handing out the cups so each girl takes one and I don't feel the guilt of giving my favorite twin the fuller cup
I'm OK: Because I don't have a constant favorite. It changes from month to month depending on... I don't know, the moon's position or something
I do know: That I love my daughters equally and this is one of the many emotional hurdles of being a parent to more than one child

Any mommy out there with a confession to make? Please share, I'm all ears!

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