When Parents of Twins Have Favorites

I confess: I am a parent to twins - 2 girls - and I have a favorite child
I admit: It's very hard for me to confess this out loud
Wait! It gets worse.
I think: I've always had a favorite daughter almost from the day the girls were born
I notice: That I let my favorite twin get away with a lot more than her sister
I over-compensate: My non-favorite child with hugs and kisses and extra mommy time
I panic: When I have to give both girls milk and one cup is fuller by a couple of drops
I react: By closing my eyes and handing out the cups so each girl takes one and I don't feel the guilt of giving my favorite twin the fuller cup
I'm OK: Because I don't have a constant favorite. It changes from month to month depending on... I don't know, the moon's position or something
I do know: That I love my daughters equally and this is one of the many emotional hurdles of being a parent to more than one child

Any mommy out there with a confession to make? Please share, I'm all ears!


  1. Great post- Im glad your favorite changes from month to month or you'd be in trouble when they read this!! I have a favorite twin too, the one thats not whining!!!

    1. Amanda, truth be told there are days when my favorite child before dinner is NOT my favoritechild once the meal is over.

  2. So much truth here, I think, for every mother of multiples!

    I find myself trying to give exactly what I think each needs at any given time, and that changes--minute to minute.

    1. Yep especially as they grow older and more individualistic and more able to express themselves. Not a dull moment :)

  3. I have a favorite too. And like you, my favorite changes all the time. I don't worry too much about it though. Like the other mom said, I just try to give them what I think they need.

    1. I try Stephanie except at thetimes when what they need is two hours of watching the Cat in the hat. At that point, I suspect I'm not their favorite mommy either :)


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