Winging Summer with Toddler Twins

23 September 2013

"All good things come to an end" must be a saying that someone came up with in September when the cold started creeping in. Summer is officially over and the temperatures in Calgary are already dropping. This was the first time ever that I would make a summer list and I didn't expect to meet most of my objectives but boy was I wrong. There's something about writing lists that just makes things happen, and happen they did mostly spontenously! Well not everything but some of it - the veggies were an epic fail as was the cycling class. 

Main lesson for Summer activities with 2 year old twins? 

    Clockwise from top left, (1) Plain ole fun in the Park, (2) 600ft high at the top of the Calgary tower (3) Just arriving London Heathrow Airport (4) Our outdoor photoshoot (5) All girls' date at Jugo Juice
  • Visit the Calgary zoo: The horrendous flood in June has the Calgary Zoo shut down for quite some time BUT we ended up visiting the London Zoo. Bonus points for going with cousins. 
  • Find ducks to feed in Calgary: Did not find one quacker. Maybe there are no ducks this side of Canada. Is that even possible?
  • Visit Spruce Meadows and look at horses: The flood affected Spruce Meadows as well but we still saw horses at the Calgary Stampede
  • Have weekly after-work/school dates with the girls: Not weekly, but we discovered a lot of little places to go for pastries and ice cream and I loved every minute of it (as did my waistline)
  • Go to Calgary Stampede grounds: YES, we not only went to the grounds and won some new stuffies but we also ended up watching the chuck wagon races with horses involved
  • Visit a water-park type place (anywhere the girls can wear swimsuits and have a splash): Done!
  • Go to the top of the Calgary Tower: Yep, had a lovely trip to this Calgary monument with the girls, my cousin and my godmother
  • Watch a live show with the girls: Nawl. Not braving this till they're at least three and a half I think
  • Have a barbecue on our patio: This was totally unplanned - as in I had 24 hours to put everything together but still came up with a mean suya. WINNING!
  • Go on a family roadtrip and vacation: Vacation yes, roadtrip no 
  • Go for gym or dance class for tots: After the (non)cycling class, I decided to skip organized physical activity for a while.
  • Eat ALL the veggies we get from our CSA: Honestly, I tried my best but... veggies are my arch nemesis. I rediscovered the job of eating fresh carrots, but the kohlrabi and beets just did not win me over.

So here's my thank you and sayonara to the summer of 2013. Did you have a summer list this year or just wing it? How did you do?

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