Best Playpen for Twins

07 July 2011

The typical playpens are too small for two babies or toddlers to play in. If you're looking for the best play pen or play area for your twins, you have to be innovative. This is what I recommend.

  1. Gated Super Play Yard - All the twin moms seemed to unanimously recommend this gate over a conventional play yard / pack and play. One good thing is it has extensions that can be bought and added as the babies grow older and need more room. I purchased mine with 2 additional extensions so that the babies had a bigger play area. (Click the pictures above for size and specs)
  2. Rainbow Interlocking Foam Mats : These were the thickest foam mats I could find and I also like the lack of any specific cartoon character. I emphasize the thickness because a playmat that's too thin will not adequately cushion the baby from trips and falls. These ones are over half an inch in thickness and I've been using them for over two years. The foam is still firm and it's in like-new condition. Definitely a well-made and long-lasting foam mat. 
  3. Bins and/or Boxes to store the smaller toys
As the twins grow older, the gate can be used to cordon off areas of the house you would like to keep them out of e.g around the television or Christmas tree. You can then switch to an arrangement similar to the one shown below.

Play area for toddler twins
All the items listed above can be purchased from by clicking here. 

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