Baby-Related Recalls for May 2011

01 July 2011

Ever since I downloaded the app on my phone, I make it a point of duty to check the recalls monthly and make sure there's nothing we have / own that's been recalled. For the month of May, here's a listing of kid-related items being recalled
  1. Kahn Enterprises Beeni Baby Hats (Baby hats with a pacifier attached. Great concept if not for the asphyixiation risk)
  2. TJX Companies Emma's Garden Polka-Dot girl's dresses
  3. Target Circo Child Booster Seats
  4. Big Lots Metal Futon Bunk Beds
  5. Gamma Sports quick kids junior tennis racquets
  6. Target Circo Aloma Infant Girls Sandals
  7. Britax B-Nimble umbrella strollers
  8. Adventure playset Bellevue, Bellevue II wooden swing sets
  9. Sage Creek Organics enchanted forest, forest friends, Golden Dragonfly children's sleepwear
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