Granny knows best

28 November 2010

So we continued with poop patrol on Sugar today. My poor baby was so uncomfortable; armed with a bunch of solutions from Dr Google, I approached her cautiously like one would an injured kitten.

Started with the gripe water strategically placed in her cheek. She spat every drop right out. Next, I got a cotton bud generously smothered in vaseline and attempted to stimulate her rectal muscles. No luck and there's a possibility mama was too squeamish about this. Finally tried my grandma's old reliable style - Put baby face-down over my thighs and use a washcloth to trickle warmish-hot water through her butt crack. Worked in 2010 just like it worked for grandma in 1940. My darling slept so much better after that. SpIce is next in line if she don't give mama a dirty diaper in the next 12 hours

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