Don't Label Kids

30 May 2014

Hello, my name is ..... and I label my kids

I really hope it's not too obvious in this space, but in my mind where it really matters, I do. I have one pegged as the athletic one and the other as the fashionista. When I plan my wardrobe for the 2032 Olympics, I usually envision sitting in the stands with Spice while Sugar wins a couple of gold medals which she will of course lovingly dedicate to mama...

Anyway, back to the topic at hand, I've been labeling and got smacked in the face with it earlier this week. 

The weather in Calgary has been so beautiful that we've been hitting the parks after school. I even brought out the bicycles for the first time this year and that's when my opera of surprises started.

While Sugar struggled with the uphill ride and trying to steer her bike, Spice tore off with no problem leaving me a little slack-jawed. She then hit the playground thingies with just as much passion: climbing higher, running faster, jumping higher than I've ever seen her and out-playing Sugar. I loved it and felt guilty at the same time. I'd mentally been planning separate activities for the girls and was going to have Spice do the artsy stuff and Sugar the sporty stuff. Not any more. 

Universe, I got the memo! Don't pigeon-hole your kids. They have a lifetime to like and unlike stuff. Give them ALL possible opportunities ALL the time because yesterday's weakness can be today's strength.

Twin Parenting lesson 2: Ditch the labels. 

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