Planning Extra-Curricula Activities for 3 Year Olds

24 March 2014

Swimming, soccer, sportsball, gymnastics, jazz dance, ballet, cycling, art....

That's a short list of the activities currently available for my twins this summer. They're 3 so they don't qualify for karate, singing, piano, etc. 

Come winter, we'll add skating to the list.

If we have country club in our genes, we could add tennis, horse riding and maybe even golf

Before getting caught up in the frenzy of having kids (TWINS) in multiple activities, I had to stop and ask myself a few questions

Why do the kids have to take part in any activity?

  • Because living in a city where the winter is truthfully 7 months long, we need a physical activity to tire the girls out on weekends.
  • Because kids need to have fun
  • Because they need to start learning about teamwork and listening to an authority figure and getting along with their peers
  • Because they need to be exposed to a variety of activities so that they can discover their likes and dislikes
  • But can't  we have fun and get some exercise as well if we just go out to the park or an indoor rec center?
  • But where are the adults - who took a myriad of classes as kids - today? Are they maestros or  "Jacks"?
  • But seriously, how many activities does a 3 year old need to sign up for?
Those are the questions I ask myself as I look through all the summer schedules for preschoolers. Like always, I'm sure I'll solve this problem with a list but for now, I need to ask:

What organized activities did you consider critical for your 3 year olds? Which ones gave the best value?

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