Put Yourself Together

21 October 2013

Day 21 of my series on Work-Life Balance

Work-Life Balance = Being happy and content at home and at work

  = looking well put together + other things

One of the things I did just before having the twins was go to Macys and buy loungewear - that's a fancy name for pajamas with a zip in front. I had read stories online from other twin moms who confessed to being so tired and stretched thin that they couldn't find time for showers and even meals some days. Since they were speaking from experience, I got ready to walk down the same path.

Cue a few weeks later, the twins were born and I was puttering round the house unshowered, in my "lounge wear" with my hair looking like a hot mess. My sister, who had come to help me with the kids, took one look at me and asked "why are you looking like this?" I explained how tiring it was all supposed to be and putting some of my needs in the back burner blablabla. She fairly kindly assured me that if I tried to get up earlier, take a shower and dress up real nice, I'd feel really good about myself. Since she also happens to have 2 kids plus work crazy hours as a doctor, I figured her suggestion was worth trying so I did.

I didn't feel good. I felt GREAT. I didn't realize the effect being freshly groomed for the day would have on my psyche - it took me from overwhelmed to confidently competent and since then, I've found time to get myself put together everyday regardless of how much I have on my plate. 

A couple of tips on what worked for me:

  • Waking up before the rest of the family to take a shower. I know once the twins got up, I'd have to start running around and the next shower time may not happen till naptime
  • Purging my closet and getting rid of frumpy, feel-ugly clothes. Like most people, my natural instinct is to lounge at home in my comfortabl-est threads (which are also usually threadbare). Getting rid of all the items that catered to my need to feel bla meant I couldn't default to the frumpy look at home. Dress frumpy, feel frumpy!
I'll be writing about being a working mother throughout October and sharing my personal experiences. Emphasis on personal. I realize that everyone's situation is different and what works for me may not be the best for someone else.

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