With love to the care providers who love

12 August 2013

Last week when I dropped the girls off in daycare, Sugar shooed me out of the room and Spice went off to play immediately.

Today, they both ran excitedly to one of their teachers to show off their pouches of apple sauce. They barely managed to say goodbye to me as they chatted excitedly with the teacher. She told me I could leave them in her class even though she wasn't their regular teacher.

How is a mother supposed to feel?

I felt really good!

See, the girls just started a new daycare and they've had a hard time adjusting. Everyday they begged me to take them to the old daycare and my heart broke just a little. Transitioning to a set of unfamiliar faces is hard. This happened for a month until last week when they ran into the daycare smiling. When the teachers were genuinely happy to see them (even the ones that were not their primary caregivers.) 

As we've attended several daycare centers,  I've seen this happen every single time and it never gets old. It's always heart-warming for me when I see the girls form a bond with their caregivers and when I see their caregivers fall in love with them for their personalities. 

There's no need to search too far into the internet before encountering the mothers who think sending your kids to daycare is almost as evil as having them crawl into a busy highway with no knee-pads. That's not me! Me, I appreciate the blessing of my children receiving love and favor from strangers around them everyday. I'm happy that they love and are loved in return. I have every reason to love and appreciate the daycare and preschool teachers who have the skills and patience to love the hoards of toddlers that pass through their lives. 

I got two two-year olds and I know that can't be easy.

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