Gifts for Twins

 This is my compilation of the toys my twins have enjoyed at different ages and stages. This list may seem a little skewed towards girls but really, every toy here can be enjoyed by all kids regardless of gender.

True fact: Every toy listed on this page (or a variation of it) was bought and well-loved in our home.

Best Gifts for new moms of twins

Honestly, most new moms in general and of twins in particular need 

  • time to themselves (offer to babysit on their terms)
  • acceptance of their new reality (no they can't come to the downtown hangout in the middle of the day for coffee; that interfers with naptime, sorry)
  • no judgement of their choices (breast feeding or not, being hyper-protective and anal about everything? Give the gift of acceptance; this new territory is hard to navigate.)
  • food they didn't have to cook themselves. Drop off home cooked dishes if you're close enough or order them some delivery
  • cold hard cash (or giftcard to a store with really useful things like diapers, formula or clothes)
  • a self-care treat (e.g at home pedicure)

Best Gifts for Twin Infants

Face it, they're too young to know or care that you got them gifts BUT if you insist on buying something, here's what came in handy for us in the baby stage

From left to right: Teething rings, crinkly book for hanging on car seat, world famous teething giraffe, play mat for tummy time. Click on photos for more details on Amazon

Best Gifts for 1 Year Old Twins


Best Gifts for 2 Years Old Twins


Best Gifts for 3 Years Old Twins (apart from any of the cheap thrills listed here)


Best Gifts for 4 Years Old Twins
This was the year when all my girls wanted from Santa was their own ream of paper. Ka-ching!

Best Gifts for 5 Years Old Twins


This is around the time my girls became crazy for Beanie Boos and I started teaching them about money and savings

Best Gifts for 6 Years Old Twins
Swim lessons are getting more serious. One of the perks the girls loved was a beach-sized towel with their favorite characters on it. Ours was a Pikachu towel. Also, this is around when our Netflix subscription started working hard for it's money

Best Gifts for 7 Years Old Twins

Best Gifts for 8 Years Old Twins

Best Gifts for 9 Years Old Twins

Best Gifts for 10 Years Old Twins

I'll update once I have 10 year old twins!

Best Gifts for Twins to Share: 
Because "No", you don't always have to buy 2 of everything, everytime. Here are some gifts that 2 can share easily (and peacefully). 

PS: Those walkie-talkies were a lot of fun for going on spy missions and adventures around the house. They're actual 2-way radios for adults and not the kid toy radios so they've lasted 3 years and counting. 

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