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Team Huggies

Looks like I'm officially a member of team Huggies. Up until now, I stocked my diaper stash based on price only and not brand. I tried several brands in the newborn sizes and then I didn't see any clear advantage of any one brand. Enter size one diapers. I started off with a box of Pampers Snug and Dry. I used the last diaper in that box today and broke out the box of Huggies Little Snugglers. My oh my. They feel so soft and comfortable, I think all my future purchases are going to be huggies except they prove themselves unable to handle the nighttime traffic. So welcome to team Huggies to me.

What Size is Newborn (in Clothespeak)

This picture is worth a thousand words. Theoretical, newborn baby sized clothes are for babies weighing 5-8lbs. As you can see from the picture, Gerber and Carters have hugely different views of what the size should be/is. On the left is a Gerber Newborn size side-snap shirt, and on the right is Carters version of the same. That's a very noticeable differnce if you ask me. My girls outgrew the Gerber in less than two weeks and the Carters took us to four weeks. Gerber gets a solid thumbs down from me for quality - -you get what you pay for.

My 4 Favorite Websites for Twin Pregnancy

The internet and Dr Google can sometimes be a twin mamma's best friend. Here's a link to the websites that I like for twinnie stuff and advice. Raising Twins - Advice, support, help and information for parents who are expecting twins, or who already have them and love them! BabyCenter's Got Twins forum - I check this forum daily to get advice and experiences of parents with twins of all ages. Indispensable advice if I may add Twinsonline - This is a UK-based twin website and forum. Its good for the diversity of seeing how things are done on the other side of the pond How do you do it? - A group of twin mom bloggers tell it like it is.