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Hello and thank you for being curious enough to click the "About Me" tab.

I’m a Nigerian currently living in Calgary with my husband and twin girls “Spice” and “Sugar” – born 20 minutes apart in November 2010. Early in 2017, we added a little man, "The Boy-Prince" to our troop. 

I see most of life's challenges - from the mind-blowing to the mundane - as opportunities to learn something new and grow (that's the INTP personality in me). Nothing has been as challenging to me as parenting twins and I started this blog with the intention of sharing my experiences and choices as a first time mother to my twin girls.

I believe in intentional parenting - evaluating the choices and options available in the present for the good of the future you want your children to have. This is not the fodder for exciting dinner table conversations but I believe that intentional parenting helps you sleep more easily as parent. Knowing that you made the right choice for your children based on the information available to you is priceless. 

I wear a lot of hats in the motherhood arena: expat Nigerian mom raising kids in Canada and mother to twins working outside the home. I also enjoy travelling and devising easier ways of getting around with 2 little ones in tow. My life is really a hodgepodge and I like to share the useful parts. I can't promise that this blog will always be fancy, but I do promise to give a honest view and share from the heart. 

I don't hang out a lot on social media but I have started sharing about my other passion (personal finance) at Africanadian Money blog

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