Life As It Was - April

So this was our first full month of being socially-distanced, working from home and schooling from home. After 2 weeks in March spent figuring out this new normal, April was the month rules were defined and routines established.

Schooling at home best practices: 
  • Established wake up times and bedtimes for the girls. They set alarms for when to get up on their ipads and understand that this is a weekday requirement
  • Created and printed out a weekly schedule for their schooling. This schedule incorporates the work their getting from their teachers as well as the work I'm assigning to them from our list of homeschooling resources (See here, here and here). The schedule runs from 9:30 to 4:30
  • Schedule in some free time as well as time to video call with friends so relationships are maintained.
Family Time: 
We're spending more time outside with regular bike rides and walks.

Potty training was an all-hands-on-deck affair with the girls being very enthusiastic and helpful about helping their little bro use the potty. The result is Mr.Boy is day and night pee trained. We're diaper-free. He's still not comfortable pooping in the toilet so we're still using pull-ups. I know Spice had that trouble transitioning as well and understand it's more a psychological/emotional issue than a physical one. We'll be patient in pull-ups until he's ready to make that final leap. 

I bought: Bicycles with gears for the girls
The girls were finally ready for their first "young adult" bicycle aka one with gears. Turns out it's actually a little trying to buy bicycles in this COVID era as we couldn't go into the stores to test out the bicycles. We had to rely on online reviews only.  My experience went something like this:

SportChek: Is the biggest sports retailer in Canada, and had some good sales going on but the bicycles would come disassembled. Their bike servicing departments weren't open and I knew better than to try and assemble complicated bicycles by myself.
Costco Online: Had a decent well-reviewed 20 inch bicycle online but it was back-ordered for a month
Local bike stores: I knew they would be the most expensive option. HOWEVER, I found some well-rated bicycles available there and eventually purchased the bicycles from a local store called Ridleys based on their positive online reviews. The reviews did not lie; their service was exceptional and the bicycles were delivered within a couple of days of ordering.

I'm always happy to support local businesses if their higher prices are offset by exceptional customer service
Pottys and bicycles. That's April in a nutshell. 

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