Life as it was - March

I confess, when I chose the word "HOME" as the theme for the year, I really did not envisage that the world would be in full pandemic mode and our family of 5 would be spending the whole day at home... together... like 24 hours.

To be honest, it's gone way better than I could ever have imagined. I thought our house was too small for 5 people but we've managed not to go stir-crazy or get on each other's nerves. All in all, things have been going splendidly and I feel lucky and blessed. On to the updates
  • Staycations: We haven't ventured too far out of the house but we did manage to sneak a few walks through the neighbourhood and to the park while maintaining appropriate social distancing. Calgary is on a social distancing advisory and not lockdown. 

  • Family Time: My baby turned 3 this month and also potty trained himself for the nighttime. He now stays dry through the night and in the morning, we make a mad dash to the toilet. He does have a potty chair but I ditched that in favor of the potty seat which takes up less space and is easier to keep clean. I think he may be ready for daytime potty training but I'm not ready :) 
  • Body:The first few days of this work from home/social distancing thing saw me eating round the clock. I won't downplay the fact that this whole COVID-19 situation is emotionally trying and my response was a total lack of discipline with food and alcohol. That's all in the past now. I'm back to making healthier plant-based, whole food choices, drinking only decaf coffee and limiting my alcohol intake. I was using the office gym so exercising at home is a bit more challenging to start. 
On the family side, I spent 2 weeks homeschooling the girls over their springbreak and discovered that I do not have the skills to be an elementary school teacher even though I love teaching. It was a rough in the 2 weeks and I was happy when the teachers resumed remote classes once springbreak was over.

I bought: A deep fryer.
Deep fried foods are an integral part of our family diet and that's not going to change anytime soon. Over the years, I've used the Presto (used to be called Fry Daddy) family of fryers but switched to just a deep pot a couple of years ago. I made the switch in hope that frying under a range hood would reduce the food smells in the house. It didn't and the pot frying method used too much oil. So I'm back to using a deep fryer - one with a cover and filter attached. I haven't noticed any improvement in the containment of food smells but I still like the fact that this fryer uses less oil.

Not a full win, but not a loss either.

To close up, I'm especially thankful for good health and good moods in this family. Hope you're all doing good out there. Shalom!

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