Life as it was - January

So barely two weeks ago, I shared that my word for the year is Home and my goals are centered around that theme. Here's the first of what I hope will be a monthly progress report.

  • House: Almost bought a home that was perfect for us but the inspection turned up some flaws we could not ignore. Decluttered the guest room closet. 
  • Staycations: Participated in the Lunar New Year celebrations in Calgary's Chinatown. It was freezing cold and BabyBoy was not impressed by the dragons trying to get up close and personal but all in all, it was a decent first attempt at enjoying our city. 
  • Family Time: The girls are eager to learn how to cook and I'd love to use their eagerness to get them to try more new things. So this month, every Friday we had little "mommy and me" kitchen sessions. We made orange juice (and for the first time, the  girls actually drank and enjoyed orange juice), lemonade and apple sauce. I chose super-easy foods/drinks to start with and plan to go into the more complex dishes as time goes on.
  • Body: Ate less meat and more vegetables. Exercised a little more. I made baby steps but progress is progress. 
Every year, on my birthday month, I place an order with Sephora to combine my must-have beauty splurges with their birthday gift. This year, I got two serums -  vitamin C and hyaluronic acid - from The Ordinary brand. So far, I'm happy with both and will repurchase once they're empty.
Dragon getting up close and personal

I bought: 
Two weighted blankets. One for Spice and one for myself since we both seem to have similar sleep complaints. I got the kids' weighted blanket off Amazon for Spice and was able to buy mine from Costco (can't link because it's no longer showing up on their website). I had to go online for Spice's because it's hard to find kids' weighted blankets in stores. For mine, I found blankets in several stores but eventually settled for buying Costco's because it was price competitive and their return policy is very generous. 

Verdict? So far so good, Spice has not woken up once to complain that she didn't get any sleep. WIN!
For me, the good part is the blanket is so heavy and warm, I've been able to use it alone instead of the 4 layers of blankets I used to resort to. However, I'm still waking up at night and unable to fall back asleep. I hear it takes a month or so for any visible sleep pattern changes to be noticed so I won't call this a fail just yet. 

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