Life and Links of 0417

Life in April has consisted of trying to find a new normal for our family of five.
  • Holding onto Mr Nice's carseat while chatting with people in church so I don't leave without him, because I'm so used to just grabbing the girls and leaving
  • Finding and making time to connect with my daughters who are regularly demanding "mommy time"
  • Cleaning, rearranging and decluttering the house
  • Nipping Mr Nice's reflux in the bud with Enfamil Thickened formula - he's a happier baby already after 4 days on this and if he's happy, I'm happy
Reading: Most impactful book I read this month was The Essential Enneagram. I'm a big, dorky fan of personality typing and this ranks as the best I've come across yet. P.S I'm a Type 5; an Observer

Watching: Dave Chappelle's 2017 show on Netflix.

Listening: Hillsong Worship's What a Beautiful Name on repeat. Those words are so moving and powerful!

In other news, here are my favorite links and things from April:

We're already in planning mode for our summer vacation and my money-saving heart is happy to know that our destination has free museums

I'm ok with telling my kids they don't have to share

How many ways can you say "I love you" to your kids? Here's 42 ways

I love to imagine my daughters writing this sometime in the future

I love this dad's sense of humor though I'm thankful he's not my dad

And finally, if you haven't found Buzzfeed Tasty on Instagram, you're missing out

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