The Shadow Box Project

A little under 2 years ago, I read a blog post and was motivated to make a shadow box for my twins with their sorta-first dress. I found the shadow boxes on sale at Michaels, bought one for each girl and took them home. 

And they stayed in the basement for 18 or so months until this weekend. This weekend, we had junk removers come in and haul away the pile of crap we had in our basement and garage. In the midst of sorting out the must-keeps from the true-junk. I found the shadow boxes and supplies and decided it was now or never. I chose now.

Starting off with the supplies: 

  • the first dresses and shoes
  • the baby book because I had some things in there that would make the box more meaningful (my 2 hospital bracelets, the girls' hospital birth cards, the note from the White House and the Texas governor)
  • cork board pins (did not work so I ended up not using them)
  • 2-sided sticky gel
  • ipad with Pinterest app because how else do we get inspiration for crazy projects
Mounting and arranging everything was easy and this is a 15 minute project if you're not me. 

Me? It took me over an hour with having to redo one box 3 times because first time I mounted everything upside down, second time I got one of the letters caught between the casing and the mounting board. Then the shoes wouldn't stay up but by then, I had run out of crafting juice for the year so I closed the box and called it done.

All in all, I'm quite pleased with how this turned out and now I just have to get those metallic hanging cords so I can hang the shadow boxes up in the twins' room. With my record, I'm hoping it'll take me a lot less than 18 months to get around to doing that

Note: Regardless of political affiliation, I think a letter from a sitting president and state governor is a nice memorabilia for every child to have. More details here

I mean seriously, the letter from the Texas governor is so sweet and motivational and grand..... *insert Rick Perry wisecrack here*

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