At least TV isn't melting their brains!

Before I had kids aka the time when I was the smartest mom ever, my best friend used to fondly refer to the TV as "electronic babysitter". And I would barely restrain myself from giving her a speech on spending quality time with your kids and doing away with electronics and bla bla bla.                                                                                                                                                                                           
Fast-forward to 5 years later. I have procreated 2 little beings. They love me and demand my utter devotion and attention. Devotion, I can give them in bucket-loads. The attention part? Well I try but let's be honest there have been times when the TV has saved me. 

That Saturday when I desperately needed to sleep  in for at least an additional hour? TV to the rescue
Those critical 20 minutes I need to make dinner and get it on the table before hunger meltdowns strike? TV to the rescue

TV and some guilt. I always question if the girls are watching too much TV and if it's doing them any good because I grew up watching Sesame Street and I can't for the life of me think of anything of import that I learnt from Sesame Street.

Act 1 Scene 1
I had just bought the girls some magnetic letters and numbers for their easel. 2 minutes into putting the numbers up, Spice came to complain to me that the "question" is not staying put. I was a little incredulous so I went to see and sure enough, there was a question mark magnet that wouldn't stick. I looked at her in wonder and asked "who told you that's called a question mark?" She replied rather arrogantly I might add "Super Why"

Act 1 Scene 2
Rolling down the highway and Sugar starts to count 1 - 10; IN SPANISH! And then Spice does the same thing. I was excited. The school is obviously making my girls bilingual. So I asked them 
Me: Did Ms J teach you to count your numbers in Spanish
Sugar: No. 
Me: So how did you learn uno, dos, tres?
Sugar: Dora!
As in Dora the Explorer

Well, I consider myself stunned speechless and feeling a little less guilty. Whatever else the TV is doing, at least it's not melting their brains. 

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