Africa is Continent

My twins have a unique heritage of being born in the US to Nigerian parents and then growing up in Canada. There's at least 3 major cultures that they have to straddle and I have a few things to tell them, starting with...

Africa is a continent

My darling daughters,

As you grow older, you'll notice something about the way people talk about Africa in US and Canada. By default, a lot of people still talk about Africa in a black hole sense - dark, confusing and we don't know what's going on. The most infuriating example of this may be in church when they talk about missionary trips. "We're sending missionaries to New Orleans, Cambodia and Africa." Every other place gets to be a named town or city or country. Everything that encompasses Africa gets to be lumped under the dark umbrella "Africa".

Feel free to let people know that there are over 50 countries in Africa hosting 15% of the world's population speaking over 2000 languages with most people being bilingual if not multilingual

Feel free to let people know that there can be a third reason for visiting Africa aside from safaris and missions to save the hungry children. 

Yes there's poverty, but there's also a variety of amazing places whose beauty is only surpassed by the diversity of the people that live there and call it home.

To reduce mentions of Africa to the monotonous single story that one would use in reference to a small town or enclave is to embrace a blindness to the richness of the 1.1 billion people that make up 20% of the earth's landmass.

You are Africans. You are Nigerians. You are ambassadors. Your knowledge and your heritage are your power. Do not let the darkness of ignorance about your continent of origin overcome the light and knowledge that is a part of who you are.

your Yoruba mother from Ibadan

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