What's it like having 3 year old twins?

They're 3!

Yes indeed! Am I excited? Yes I am!
Is this belated birthday post going to be chock full of exclamation marks? Yes it is! :)

Having 3 year olds is amazing! They're playing together, having coherent conversations with us and each other and yes, fighting like cat and dog.

So what do their stats look like these days? I'm happy to respond that they've maintained the trend of their first and second years beautifully.

The adorable Ms Spice
Weighs a little over 27lbs and is just under 25th percentile for weight. Height-wise she's 36.5 inches which puts her squarely in the 25th percentile range for height as well. At age two she was around 23rd percentile on the CDC chart and I expected her to gain 3-6lbs over the year which she did. (Y'all know I'm anal about my charts and numbers, right?!)

Communication: This girl puts together some very advanced sentences. The most shocking was on their birthday when I told her it was time to go to the rec center for our sports class. She looked me in the eye and said "I'm not going anywhere today". And that, people, is a 5 word sentence that made this mother's jaw drop

Kindergaten prep: Recognizes all her letters in upper and lowercase. Can recite her numbers to 20 and also count objects. Knows her colors and recognizes her name when it's spelt out

Loves: Hoarding collecting interesting artifacts, jewelry, envelopes, stuffed animals, magazine clippings, plastic cards, coupons... you catch my drift?

With her sister, she puts her choices in the backburner and goes to her for comfort when we ignore her for naughtiness

With her mummy, she can get away with a lot when she begs nicely because she's had maybe one tantrum in the last one year and who can bear to say no to a kid who is so gentle and unargumentative

With her daddy, she shares a lot of physical and personality traits that make them best buddies

With family and teachers, she's quick and generous with her hugs and makes everyone feel like they're her most special people.

The bubbly Ms Sugar
Is 38 inches tall and weighs in at 27.5lbs. That's also under 25th percentile for weight and 60th percentile for height. I think she has maintained her growth trend for the year - at age two the doctor's office measured them to be the same height but Sugar was obviously taller, nurse was just not patient.

Communication: She's still noticeably behind Spice in her communication and sentence making but she's still developing at her own pace and manages to get her point across just fine

Kindergaten prep: Apart from everything I listed for Spice, she is also able to count to 30 (that was twenty-zero for a while) and has an amazing memory for words and song lyrics

Loves: Exploring places and things - locked bags, locked doors, remote controls, electronic gadgets, cupboards, drawers etc.

With her sister, she's the number one tormentor and protector

With her mummy, she's good at keeping me on my toes and melting me with unexpected moments of supreme sugary sweetness following some equally intense tantrums

With her daddy, they're able to make each other cry tears of joy and frustration and silliness in the space of one minute

With family and teachers, she makes them work hard to be allowed into the circle of trust. When they get in, they're quickly wrapped around that stubby little finger.

Happy birthday my angels. I'm so proud to be your mother and everyday I'm learning to be a better, more patient person because of you. Thank you!

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