35 Months Baby!

Interrupting my series on Work-Life Balance to bring you a big announcement. 


You heard right. 30 more days to the big 3. Perhaps I am a tad bit excited about this. 

I don't know what we're going to do for their birthday which is on a Saturday yet. Party at home? Party in a play area? Or just a special family only day around time? 

No matter what, I have to tell you that the girls have been giving me glimpses of that the happy 3s and teenage years will be like. Their bonding, laughing, have an incredible sense of humour and have grown taller, bigger and "lippier"

Yeah, dem girls grew some lip this past month or so. With Sugar, when I say or do something she doesn't agree with, she makes a "tcha" sound with her lips. Similar to an adult hissing.
Spice on the other hand now has the habit of saying "what?!!". I don't mean a curious "what's that mom?", I mean an obnoxious "whatchu talkin bout girl?" that you would typically expect from a teenager, not a 35 month old person who's not even 3 feet tall yet! What is this world coming to?

All I keep hearing is my dentist's words in my head saying "3 year olds are 2 year olds with intention". Everyday, I see "intention" everywhere! Can't wait to see what the next stage holds :)

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