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I was sitting down and thinking the girls will soon be 33 months. Then I got into flustered mode when I realized that meant they are 3 months away from their 3rd birthday. That means we've already survive 75% of the "terrific" twos. This is enough to make a twin mom break the seal on a mid-sized Jack Daniels. But before I make Jack my new best friend, I thought I'd do a 33 month update for the girls

The physical data
Ms Spice weighs 27lbs and is just under 36in tall. That's around 30th percentile for both weight and height. 
Ms Sugar weighs 26lbs and is 36in tall. That's around 17th percentile for weight and 35th for height
Both girls are in 3T clothes and size 8-9 shoes (depending on brand)

Food and nutrition
In the past month, their appetite has practically doubled and we're going through a very good phase in food right now. This mama couldn't be happier. I think part of the reason for this is that I stopped trying to get them to eat a wide variety of foods (including the ones I don't like or have never eaten). It seems they share my taste in foods and respecting that has diminished all the mealtime battles

Spice is all day and night trained. Sugar is daytrained but is still in diapers for nighttime. Occasionally she can make it through naptime without a diaper

Speaking of naptime, it's become synonymous with tear-the-room-up-and-do-everything-but-sleep time

I held out against Dora for as long as I could but the little chica has finally won. The girls love her and to be perfectly honest, I find it's been quite educational for them. I just wish they didn't learn how to say "Oh men!" a la Swipper

Spice is still noticeably ahead when it comes to language and communication skills but Sugar is not so far behind that we're worried. Currently we're increasing the number of polite phrases - excuse me, you're welcome, may I have some etc - in their repertoire. My favourites are "ski me mama, I want some more cereal priss" translation "excuse me mama, I want some more cereal please" - I confess that makes me beam with pride shamelessly. My second most favorite is when one says "thank you" and says "you're wehcome!"

Toys and Play
Love their play food and utensils, playing throw-ball and kick-ball, writing their letter (or rather me holding their hands and writing their letters). They're also learning to count to twenty - unlucky 13 and 14 get skipped more often than not

The girls have started asking to wear necklaces. So help me God.

Twin Dynamics
Up until a few months ago, the girls were wombmates, roommates, housemates and even classmates. Now I can definitively see that they are best friends. They like to hold hands. They share favorite foods with each other. When one sister is in time-out, the other is worried and apologizes for her sister. When one sister cries, the other dries her tears and tells her "don't cry". 

Those moments are worth all the weight gain and worries of 10 twin pregnancies

Now I just need to start planning a 3rd birthday party and "blackmailing" the aunties to fly down to Calgary. 

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