Potty in The Family Room

Dear Mom I was in 2011,

Look at you! Type A mom with plans of potty training your twins with a wand and a snap of your fingers all within the confines of the bathroom. I remember the look of horror on your face; the first time you saw a blogger post a photo of a potty that was not positioned in the toilet. All those germs free to roam the family living spaces and let's not forget the "sweet" smell of pooped-by-a-now-eating-solids-toddler.
Don't scoff! One day you too will position a potty in the middle of your living room.
And you will survive the experience
And you will empty the potty without cringing or holding your nose
And you will throw away the spoon that somehow found its way into the potty.
Look how far you've come, old me. I hope you've humbly learnt your lesson.

me Mom of today

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  1. This is a fantastic picture! We are going to start potty training soon. A good tip!


    1. Sigh! I wish I didn't have to do this :)

  2. LOL! So true! I just kept crossing my fingers nothing got spilled on the carpet...especially since my little one wanted to carry the potty to the toilet HIMSELF. EEEK! How we avoided major disaster is beyond me.

  3. Yeah. Occasionally my daughters like to use the potty as a hat ;(


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