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Mazda5: The Micro Minivan That Could

I remember the day we bought the Madza5 minivan vividly. I wasn't exactly a happy car buyer. I was swapping a sporty red Mazda3 for a white minivan. My swagger felt wounded but we bought the car anyway. It was in October of 2010 and I was already past 36 weeks pregnant so we couldn't put off buying a new twin-friendly car any longer.  
A month later, I started to appreciate the "hauling" capacity of my micro-minivan. This is almost 2 years later and I must say, the Mazda5 is quite a hauler inspite of it's small appearance. In the last 2 years, apart from my 2 babies, I've also hauled
  1. Gazillion bags of groceries
  2. Diapers and wipes by the cartons
  3. 3 strollers at the same time: A double stroller, a single Chicco stroller AND a snap n go stroller
  4. 4 adults and 2 babies (VERY cozy setup)
  5. 2 area rugs and a bar stool
  6. A wagon with its trailer
  7. An outdoor playhouse (30 minutes of sweat in 55degF weather to get this puppy in, but we did it)
  8. A toy kitchen and toy washing machine
  9. An Ikea table and chair
Groceries, baby distilled water and double stroller
Hauling the twin wagon and trailer. Was still able to fit grocery bags in there
Ikea chair and table plus double stroller AND I didn't have to adjust the 2nd row seats

I'm quite satisfied with this car. It doesn't have the zoom-zoom factor of the Mazda3, but it does what it was bought to do just fine.

Do share, what's your greatest hauling achievement? Mine's definitely the table and chair in the last picture.

This is a fun post to link up to Ginger's Wordful Wednesday. She's potty training y'all and I'm all ears.

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