Chores for 22 Month Olds

In my last monthly update, I mentioned that the girls like to help out and I'm making a conscious effort to give them "tasks".

So as part of their nightly chores, I get them to mop the floors and take out the trash!

I call them chores but they're really just little tasks to redirect their energies and once they know something is their job, they are very focused on completing the task at hand. Our task list includes
  - taking their dirty clothes to the hamper
 - handing over the clean dishes in the dishwasher to mommy (only done with one child at a time and on the rare occasion that they are in the kitchen with me)
- helping to transfer the wet clothes from the washer to the dryer
- *drumroll please* picking up their toys before bedtime. This is such a big one for me. It takes 7-10 minutes and involves me pointing at every toy in the living room and asking them to take it to their toy corner. The more we do this, the more they grasp the concept. I do need to buy some toy boxes so that they're actually putting the toys away.

Ok, so I fibbed about the mopping and the trash but not the rest. Yes, toy cleanup is possible at this age :)

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  1. I love the picture of them sweeping. Adorable! Ours enjoy cleaning up too and takes a lot longer but is good for them. They also like putting their shoes by their cribs for nap time. I will have to try the wet clothes to the dryer idea. Thank you.

  2. I shared a chore chart I found with my due date board--just as FYI and as a response to a thread that was going on toddlers wanting to help with chores. One mom was appalled, saying it reminded her of child labor.

    Glad to see I am not the only one who thinks it's never to young to start :-)

    1. Child labor is a tad strong to describe this. I think it's never too young to start. Today's toddler is tomorrow's teenager.... you know how they grow so fast!

  3. So cute! I think with my oldest I underestimated what he was able to do, but we definitely take advantage of the little one's desire to chip in. Such a great way to teach them early on that we all must do our part! My 5-year-old has a few basic chores now in exchange for a small allowance (50 cents/week) - make his bed, clear the table - and it's amazing how quickly it became a natural part of his routine.


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