22 Month Old Royals

My princesses turned 22 months yesterday and with age comes royalty. I’m not talking royalty ala Disney’s Aurora and Ariel though; it’s more of a royal rumble in the Calgary jungle. All that’s missing is the extra-large boxing gloves. So let me tell you what mini-Ali and mini-George have been up to in the last one month:
Food Style
Apples: Ali likes her apples skinless and sliced very thinly. George likes her apples in quarters
Shishi (Chicken): Ali will transform a chicken wing to mere bones in 4 minutes on a good day. George prefers her chicken diced and daintily place in her mouth
Apu (actually plums): Ali will take a few bites of the fleshy part of a plum and she’s done. George eats it clean to the seed.
Fashion Style
Ali is now fashion conscious and love to tell mommy EXACTLY what she wants to wear in the morning. She seems to question my fashion-savvy
Both girls now love having bows and such on their hair. Exciting for a mom who purchased 40 plus pieces of hair doodahs over a year ago and may finally get to use them.
Play Style
Occasionally Ali tries to carry George and I’m thinking can a 24-pounder lift a 23-pounder? So far the answer is no!
Mirroring is also a favorite pastime especially at bedtime. I put them in bed and they spend the next 10 minutes playing the wordless version of Simon-Says. Actions include dancing, stomping, jumping and running around the crib.
Firsts for the month
First stuffed toy that they’re somewhat attached to: Sock Monkey from Walmart
First bout of toddler diarrhea X2
First use of blanket in cribs. The girls love having blankets to cover their feet. I got the SwaddleDesigns Ultimate Receiving Blanket for when they were infants but did not use it for swaddling. It’s coming in useful now because unlike the typical baby blankets that are 30 inches square, this blanket is 42 inches square and cozy to snuggle in.
Fight Style
One word “FIESTY!”
Referee Style
Clueless! Mommy’s reading discipline books and enlisting the help of two other blogger moms of multiples. I’ll be sharing their guest posts later this week. For now, here's a photo of our resident best friends.
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