21 Precious Months

21 Ways my princesses have amazed me in the last 1 month
  1. Composure: We went to visit friends and I gave Spice a piece of papaya that she did not want. Without being asked she took it, walked to the kitchen, located the trash can and threw it away
  2. Agility: Climbing out of their cribs. Can't help but wince-smile at that one
  3. Cleanliness: That's the positive spin I'm putting on Spice whipping off her diaper anytime it's wet or soiled
  4. Smartness: While wearing onesies with hearts on them, both girls tap on the hearts and say "I love you"
  5. Observations: I'm amazed at how the girls know the usage of certain things without being shown. They know that ear plugs go in the ear, gloves are for the hands and a flower clip (that we've never used before) goes on the hair.
  6. Imitation is the best form of flattery: We got 2 little bags for the girls (favors from a party) and Sugar likes to put her bag over her arm, say "ok bye bye", blow a kiss and walk to the nearest exit. I guess she's imitating me. I hope I look as graceful as she does doing it.
  7. If the shoe fits: Spice has been wearing my shoes. She can't pass by without putting them on and she walks quite well in them too if I may say so myself
  8. Politeness: The very polite shaking of the head when I offer them food that they don't want is .... well, my positive spin is that I prefer the head shake to the flinging angrily against the wall
  9. Meltdown, tantrum, whachumacallit: I experienced my first toddler tantrum this month and was seriously shocked speechless.
  10. Awareness: Sugar's 2 newest and most important words: "mine" and "why?"
  11. Genetics: Spice's newest and most important word, "sheshe". That means chicken by the way and yes, my baby loves her some fried chicken just like mommy does
  12. Nasal Skills: Both girls knowing to put their hands over their noses and forcefully blow out a boogie, THEN they can play with grab some tissues
  13. Stylin': Got some sunglasses from Gymboree and the girls love to wear them in the car. Till now, they've been ripping sunglasses off their faces so it's a step improvement (and helped them adjust to their car seats being front facing)
  14. Adventure: Being able to go up and down the big kid slide by themselves. Last month they couldn't and I had to hold their hands. Their gross motor skills are increasing in leaps and bounds (pun intended)
  15. Helpful: I'm now learning to assign them little tasks and they love helping out
  16. Restraint: Even though they can climb out of their crib, they haven't repeated the feat yet
  17. Gratitude: Mommy is happy that they are not climbing out of their crib because the air conditioning is broken and it's too hot for sleepsacks
  18. Number skills: Sugar can count up to ten and she can hold up her fingers for 1, 2 and 3.
  19. Cute overload: She does "2" with the index and middle fingers crossed. I think she can't figure out how to uncross them yet
  20. Musical skills: Spice is my little humming bird. She loves to sing and holds a tune very well. I've been able to identify a couple of songs she's humming
  21. Contentment: That's what I feel inside. Content, blessed and highly favored of God
Happy birthday my preciouses! Mommy gets impatient with you sometimes, but she wouldn't change you for the world.

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