Toddler Backseat Drivers

After the twins were born, my driving habits changed a little. I basically started driving like an 80 year old woman because I had my two preciouses in the car with me. It was so bad that for the longest time I avoided highway driving when the girls were in the car because of all those "loony" speeding drivers.

I have slowly gone back to my old pre-baby driving self except instead of a red hot sporty car, I'm rocking a white minivan. Part of that more relaxed mode of driving is that I occasionally have to brake a bit more sharply and noticeably. Over the last one month, the girls have taken to saying "uh oh" every time I brake sharply or make any other sudden maneuvers with the car.

The first time it happened, I felt embarrassed like my toddlers were scolding my driving habits. Now, I just roll my eyes and think "oh puhleez, wait until you start driving!"

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