Toddler Teenagers at 19

Sometimes it's hard to tell if we have toddlers or teenagers around here. It's the same keeping odd hours, mood swings, strong opinions and clothes that fit weird. But enough about me, I'm here to talk about my twins :)

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19 months old and mama's eyes have been opened to a lot of new things

  • Spice can put on her shoes (of course always on the wrong feet) and sometimes a tee shirt all by herself.
  • Sugar has figured out how to open the closets (and my life shall never be the same again
  • Spice has 4 canines coming out at the same time; bringing her teeth total to 16
  • Sugar is growing her eighth tooth - an incisor. She seems to be growing one tooth per month
  • Spice likes to call her sister by name
  • Sugar like to call herself by name
  • Both girls love their "Cat in the Hat" DVD and know to point to the DVD player and say "go go go" if they want to watch it.
  • Both girls have started imaginative play. They love cooking in their play kitchen and pushing their bumbo seats around the sofa like cars
  • Both girls going for walks around the neighbourhood
  • Spice loves to walk in the grass but wants nothing to do with the woof woofs
  • Sugar hates to be near grass but loves patting the friendly woof woofs on the head
  • Both girls like making animal sounds with their favorite being the quack quack and the woof woof
  • They will sometimes refer to the woofs as meows or quacks just to get a reaction from me. I always fall for it
  • Both girls will be moved from infant room to toddler rooms in the daycare starting next month. I've asked that they be put in separate classes. 
I' going back to read my post from this time last year and I can't believe I was fretting over the fact that the girls were not crawling, talking or teething. How time flies! (What?! did you think I was going to end this post without a cliche or two on kids growing fast?)

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