A year and a half

Sigh! It feels like a lifetime ago that I wrote my first post. It's just been 18 months but 18 beautiful, amazing, won't-change-it-for-anything months. Here's the stats on my little girls

The older by 20 minutes
Born 5lbs13 in the 10th percentile. Now 22lbs in the 45th percentile
81cm tall and in the 54th percentile for height
Wears size 4 diapers and 12-18m clothes

First impression of Spice is "tough chick". She evaluates all strangers with a stern eye before she warms up to them but once she does, they are gifted with the most beautiful smiles and hugs. All the daycare teachers she's had are fairly partial to her hugs. She makes everyone feel so special, I think it will be mean of me to tell them "you're just a warm body" - my baby likes her cuddles. She's big on communication and social skills, enjoys mimicking words and actions and is able to follow simple instructions to identify and bring things around the house. She's also quite self-aware, knows her own mind and is not afraid to express her preferences in any situation.

She has a soft spot for her sister and even though it exasperates her, she'll give her toys to her sister without complaint and go on to other activities (she doesn't do this with the other kids in the daycare)

Notes and milestones
My baby had a lot of firsts this month.
  • She showed why she's monikered Spice on this blog - lost her voice due to a combination of having a cold and screaming at the kids in the daycare who were trying to "share" her toys
  • She tries to and has successfully put on a pair of leggings all by herself. She's also good at taking off her jackets
  • She's peed in the potty twice - first time unnoticed, second time to much hooping, hollering and applause by the captivated audience of mommy and aunty
  • She's learnt perhaps the most important word in her vocabulary - NO!. Usually accompanied by a shake of the head and a firm determination to stand her ground. Other new words in her vocabulary are jacket, baby and the sign for milk
  • She loves to put things away - shoes in the closet, clothes in the hamper and trash in the bin. Her cleaning up habits have me in a tizzy. I think imma get her the whole Swiffer family of cleaning tools for her second birthday and laying back to enjoy the fruits of my child labour.
The younger by 20 minutes
Born 6lbs2 in the 15th percentile. Now 21lbs in the 34th percentile
82cm tall and in the 66th percentile for height
Wears size 4 diapers and 12-18m clothes

Sugar is the friendly baby that waves to random strangers while we are on walks and in the grocery store. She's very curious and eager to explore her surroundings. She's big on developing her motor skills, physically strong for her age and also very competitive. She's the first to climb stairs and wants to be the first to get to the top too. She's so good-natured and un-fussy that when she cries, you know there's something seriously wrong. (In fact, she only cries when she's really hungry or teething). She's so independent that it's easy to miss the fact that she's also an emotional and sensitive kid. She's very conscious of thing's going on around her and will speak up if she feels she's not getting her fair share.

She pretends not to care but she looks out for her sister and will bring Spice toys and even put her paci in Spice's mouth when she's crying

Notes and milestones
I could also title this the learnings and adventures of Sugar.

  • She learnt to and quickly showed her sister the art of climbing the highchair unassisted
  • She's figured out her colors. White paci is mine and green paci is Spice's and she gets mad at me when I give her the wrong paci. HOWEVER, if white paci is somewhere under the bed, she reserves the right to "borrow" the green paci straight out of Spice's unsuspecting lips. Her sugar-sweetness comes out when mommy comes into the room and she quickly removes green paci and hands it back to her sister with the sweetest smile and a loud thank you almost like "I was just tasting it for sister mama, I swear!"
  • She's learnt to play proper hide and seek by staying behind a wall and then jumping out with a flourish.
  • She loves to play dressup and usually gets the daycare teachers to dress her in this fancy sparkly red dress that looks like something an opera singer would wear.
  • Always on the lookout for the next adventure or thing to do. Energizer bunny's got nothing on my baby
Mommy's notes
If I didn't know better, I'd think the girls read my 17 month update post and scoffed at the idea of me taking their pacis away. Immediately after I wrote that post, they became so attached to the nighttime pacifiers, it's blue-murder screaming if they are in their crib and Mr Paci is not visible in the next 3 seconds. The first time I tried to take the paci away, I was back in the room in a heartbeat, shaking and apologising profusely for my audacity.

I use the Babycenter Milestone Chart to evaluate the girls and to be honest they are behind on some things and ahead on others and sometimes it's my fault. The chart says that they should be using spoons or forks at 16 months. My kids are not; probably because I forgot to start giving them silverware at mealtimes. I just serve the food on the plate, they empty it onto the tray, I take the plates away and most meals are eaten right off their highchair trays. I need to work on my table etiquette training I guess. 
multiples monday with capri +3

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