Today marks my 17th month as a twin parent and I have 2 challenges that just came to my attention
1. My very literal mind. I've always been guilty of being literally minded but it's becoming a communication problem with the girls for me. What do I mean? Baby points at the dining room chandelier.A typical toddler thing to do and my normal response will be to give her the name of whatever she's pointing at. Therein lies the problem. She points and my mind is racing through what to say. Lights? Light bulb? Chandelier? Roof? Ceiling? or Up? Seriously. Try as I might, I can't drop the need to be specific and accurate in naming objects. Same goes for shoes, socks and toes. On their own, they're no big deal but when baby is wearing socks and shoes on her feet, I struggle with what name to call when she points to her toes.
2. Keeping up with the toddlers. It's hard for me to see that my babies are no longer babies. I still default to treating them like babies until I see what they are capable of in the daycare or what other babies their age are capable of. It's like I'm behind the curve and subconsciously limiting the expectations I have of them.

Well, those are my mommy problems and in spite of those, the girls are still doing great at 17 months.
They haven't added too many new words to their vocabulary. Spice now says apple, cheese and (the perennial favorite) cracker. I see a lot more of repeating the words we say and also following simple instructions with both girls.
Spice has 4 premolars in various stages of growth bringing her to a grand total of 12 teeth. She weighs 21.5lbs approximately and seems to be the right height for her age.
Sugar is growing her 7th tooth and it is a major pain in the jaw. She's also a pound lighter and an inch taller than Spice. I see a hunt for clothes for tall, skinny toddlers in my future. She's already too tall for the 12-18month clothes but the pants are still falling off her waist.
Both girls are confidently running and climbing now. They're also learning to conquer staircases.
Feeding update: Every day and every meal is unpredictable.

Next stop, weaning off the bedtime pacifier. I feel a jolt of fear down my spine even as I type that.

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